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Tantra Yoga Tour

An Esoteric Yoga Retreat will be held by Tantric Guru and focused on the Goddess worship.


Yoga Tour in Nepal

The location for the Yoga tour in Nepal is Kathmandu Valley, here the yogi Manjushri saw a lotus rising from the waters.


Yoga Retreats

Yoga is a perfect way of meditation and spend the holidays with Yoga is amazing, which keeps you mentally fit.


Tantra is the name given by the scholars of meditation and the rituals of India.The tantra defines as the principles of reality and sacred mantras, provides the liberation, taken from the sanskrit language.

  • Spread of Tantra

    It is founded from the number of Hindu and Buddhist esoteric schools and and spread with Buddhism to East and Southeast Asia.

  • Scholastic of Tantra

    As per the modern schools the Tantra is the Asian body of beliefs and practice. They Centrality of ritual and mantras, especially the worship of deities.

  • Tour to Kailash Mansarover

    This is a pilgrimage tour to pay the obeisance to Lord Shiva along with this you can enjoy the trekking, Yoga & Meditation, ashram tours.

  • Kailash Abode of Shiva

    In the Hindu Religion Kailash is the Abode of Shiva, many of the yogis choose this place for their work.